This is the home of WINTAX software, designed, produced and marketed by Softbyte Computers. Softbyte Computers software developers, established in 1983, have been providing tax and financial planning software and lectures by appointment to some of SA’s largest financial institutions, life assurance companies and banks etc since the 1980’s. Softbyte Computers have been premier producers of tax assessment, tax advisory, salary designing and personal financial planning software to accountants, tax and financial consultants for over 40 years.  Take a minute or two to browse through our web site and discover more about our different software products.  Be sure to read the testimonials from some of our users.

Web site last updated 16th July 2024.  Softbyte Computers company registration number 1988/010723/23

SAIT is the largest of the professional tax bodies in South Africa, and seeks to enhance the tax profession by developing standards in education, compliance, monitoring and performance.



Standalone copies of WinTax, BackTax, SoftFin, FinTaxPlus and R/Fund Advantage programs available for use on single pc’s.


Networkable versions of WinTax available for workstations needing to access the same common-shared databases.