FinTaxPlus software from Softbyte Computers

Established in 1983, we have been in the business of producing premier software for financial consultants for 38 years.  Many tens of thousands of individual financial consultants have chosen to use our software over the years.  Our financial planning and tax software have also been chosen for use, under license agreement, by many of the very largest life assurance companies and financial institutions over the years.

Besides calculators to help with investment and financial planning, FinTaxPlus also features calculators for personal tax.  Bookkeepers, accountants and financial advisors may steer clear of actually submitting tax returns for their clients but their clients are always asking them questions about tax matter such as Capital Gains Tax, PAYE deductions, taxation of retirement lump sums, travel allowance claims, the saving advantages to be had from contributing to Retirement Funds, medical aid funds etc.  These are the same same tax calculators found in our acclaimed WinTax tax assessment software.  FinTaxPlus offers easy-to-use calculators to turn your pc into an expert on these subjects.  In addition, the actual FinTaxPlus program offers dozens of accredited video lectures explaining everything the user would want to know about these subjects, how all the FinTaxPlus calculators work and how to use the calculators to get the most out of different investment products.

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Click on the buttons below to watch short videos regarding some of FinTaxPlus calculators (average video runtime 1-minute each).  New, and extra, options and calculators are added regularly for free download for FinTaxPlus users.  NOTE that these short videos, below, merely show the calculator screens and explain what the calculators will do for you.  The actual FinTaxPlus program offers access to dozens of comprehensive video lectures explaining, using detailed examples, exactly how each product works, how the calculators work and how the calculators can be used to save you time and increase your business.  The videos require that you have sound.  If your computer doesn’t have speakers then use your cell phone ear-bud speakers plugged into the green jack on your computer. After each video is finished, use your browser’s BACK button to return here.

All FinTaxPlus calculators and options allow you to print reports either directly to your printer or you can export the reports to any other WINDOWS program, such as WORD etc, where the reports may be edited in any way you like and even attached to an email.

The CGT calculator in FinTaxPlus has received acclaim from many quarters.  Property and tax lawyers have praised it’s accuracy and ease-of-use.  The CGT calculator, alone, is worth more than the modest annual license fee charged for the whole FinTaxPlus program!  Download and install a copy of FinTaxPlus, ask us for a free-trial activation code and see for yourself.  If you decide that FinTaxPlus does not suite your needs then simply delete it and it will have cost you nothing!

The worst thing that could happen is that the FinTaxPlus program will save you time, make your life easier and make you more money!

If, after the trial period, you would like to continue using FinTaxPlus then the license fee is only EIGHT HUNDRED RAND A YEAR(incl.VAT).  That is R800 a year and NOT R800 a month!  Similar programs out there are 10 times more expensive than FinTaxPlus and they don’t even have FinTaxPlus’s time-saving and money-making calculators and features features!  Note that the cost of FinTaxPlus is also fully tax-deductible which means that SARS will actually be paying a good portion of the cost of FinTaxPlus for you!  How can you lose?  Paying annually means if you retire, emigrate or if you no longer need the software then you simply stop your annual renewals and you are not stuck with having paid a huge amount upfront for something you no longer use!  You are effectively only paying for the time you use the program!  If FinTaxPlus helps you close just one deal then it will have paid for itself many times over.

FinTaxPlus also includes quotation calculators for R/A, Unit Trusts etc investment products PLUS “user-friendly and simple-to-use-and-understand” needs analyses for death, disability and retirement-planning including policy schedules etc.  A full save/retrieve database is included.  FinTaxPlus has everything a financial consultant would want!

Note that a special customised version of FinTaxPlus, without these quotation and FNA/database options, is available.

Note that all client data, policy data and FNA data saved in the old SoftFin program can be easily imported into the FinTaxPlus program.

FinTaxPlus calculators, options and features.

  • Calculate and show your clients the huge tax saving that can be had by contributing to Retirement Funds.
  • The Estate Duty Calculator allows you to enter only half-a-dozen amounts to show the expected Estate Duty and Executor’s fees due upon death.  Ideal tool for selling more life cover.
  • Inflation projections and forward cost calculator.  Nothing else shows the need for investing for the future like this hard-hitting calculator.
  • Loans calculator calculates any unknown factor in a loan.  Annual and monthly amortisations and 3-D color graphs.
  • Bond-buster calculator.
  • Bond analysis calculator.
  • Income from share portfolio explains how these investments work and why investors turn to this type of investment to beat inflation, bank interest rates and income tax.  Video lectures included.  Set you own rates for costs and commissions.  Amortisations and 3-D graphs.
  • Daily balance, nominal to effective converter and debt consolidation calculators.
  • An Investment Comparison calculator shows the difference investing in a Term Annuity compared to a Fixed Deposit (with tax implications included).
  • A calculator to show the real returns compared to investing locally or offshore with tax and foreign-exchange slide implications.
  • This calculator show how a little financial planning can dramatically increase the period that a required amount of income can be available from a draw-down living annuity.  Far more capital is also retained with the investment institution for far longer.
  • A real Rate of Return calculator shows your exact, true, nominal rate of return on any type of investment from a simple policy to a complex property development.
  • Acknowledged as South Africa’s best and most comprehensive CGT calculator caters for foreign and local transactions, primary residence sale, 2nd property, other assets and small business sale.  CoP splits, partnerships,  valuation date base cost, Time Apportioned Base Cost and 80%/20% methods, residency period all catered for.  Includes 5 accredited CGT video tax lectures explaining everything you ever wanted to know about CGT.
  • Taxation of Lump Sums calculator, including multiple lump sums, with no less than 6 accredited video tax lectures explaining SARS’s taxation of lump sums.
  • A monthly pay-slip checker verifies RF contribution limits, PAYE, UIF, SDL and medical tax credits.  Ideal for showing the money-saving tax advantages of contributing to RF or medical aids.
  • Travel claim calculator for clients who received a car allowance and also for those who just need to claim for motoring expenses.
  • QuickTax calculator shows the taxpayer’s tax, rebates tax rates for the past 2 years.
  • Quotation package allows you to produce estimated maturity values of various investment products such as R/A’s, Endowment, Unit Trusts etc.  Also allows you to enter the future amount required and shows the investment premium required.
  • Optional full client database with simple and easy-to-understand FNA’s for Death, Disability, Retirement etc – policy schedules and more.

Download and run the FinTaxPlus installer program which will install a copy of FinTaxPLus on your computer.  DO NOT change the default C:\FinTaxPlus installation folder when installing FinTaxPlus!  Free updates we issue containing changes to legislation or adding new and additional calculators and features will not be able to find the FinTaxPlus program if you install FinTaxPLus in a another folder.

If you have any queries, or if you need any help downloading and installing FinTaxPlus then call Nick on 082 453 7632 or 011 794 8361 who will gladly help you.

FinTaxPlus was created from suggestions received from some of SA’s top consultants and was designed using the belief that what is simplest works best.  FinTaxPlus makes you more money by making you more professional and by helping you write more business, close more deals etc.  An added plus is that we have been in business for 38 years and our after-sales software Help and support is legendary.  Click on TESTIMONIALS at the top of this page, scroll left/right through the reviews and use your browser’s BACK button to return here.

Although FinTaxPlus is written to work under Microsoft Windows operating systems, if you install FinTaxPlus on a Cloud then FinTaxPLus can be accessed, and used, on any device – from Windows PC’s, AppleMac, Android devices and IOS Apple iPhones and tablets etc.