Draw Down Annuity Calculator

Are you, as a financial adviser, struggling to explain to your clients exactly why they will not be able to draw an unrealistic income from a Living Annuity?  This calculator shows a year-by-year table of invested capital, and income amounts drawn, so your clients can see for themselves with year-by-year amortisations, reports and colour graphs all printable or exportable to other software for presentations or for emailing!

Use this calculator to demonstrate how a little innovative, painless, financial planning can ensure that a retiree receives more inflation-linked income for many more years from a Living Annuity.  Adjust expected growth rates, costs, monthly income requirements etc to suite each different client!  Everybody wins!  The retiree gets more inflation-linked income from a Living Annuity for much longer and more capital stays in the Annuity Fund for longer!

Although the Draw-Down Annuity calculator in WinTax and SoftFin is written to work under Microsoft Windows operating systems, if you install the programs on a Cloud then the programs can be accessed, and used, on any device from Windows PC’s, AppleMac, Android and IOS phones and tablets etc.

This calculator is included as one of the options in our WinTax2019, WinTax2020 and SoftFin software. 

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